How to Encourage Your Children to Exercise More Often


Exercise helps children to develop stronger bones, maintain a healthy weight, improve coordination, and increase self-confidence. If you would like your kids to enjoy these benefits, all you need to do is show them some encouragement. You can get your kids excited about exercise in the following ways:

Find an Activity They Enjoy

Children tend to avoid activities that they hate. If you try to force your kids to play a sport or go jogging with you, you will probably encounter some significant push-back. You are likely to be much more successful in your efforts to get your children excited about exercise if you ask them what they would like to do. Whatever activity they choose, make sure that you support them every step of the way, even if it isn’t exactly your cup of tea.

Make it Competitive

Most children are naturally competitive. They generally enjoy trying to be the fastest, strongest, and most athletic among their group. Their competitive nature means that entering your kids in races and other events where they will pit their abilities against their peers can be a great way to get them enthused about exercising.

Make Exercise Part of Their Commute

If your kids’ school is nearby, you can make walking part of their commute. Doing so will get their blood pumping early in the morning and ensure they stay active throughout the day. Walking with your children can also be an excellent opportunity to talk and bond with them. While strolling to school, you can discuss their upcoming day or discuss any problems that they may be having with their classes.

Make it Social

Kids tend to get much more excited about exercise when they can do it with their friends. As such, if you would like your children to maintain a healthy weight and develop stronger muscles, you may want to schedule regular play dates at the park or at a swimming pool. When your kids are playing with their friends at either of these locations, they won’t even realize that they are exercising.

Group of Diverse Kids Playing at the Field Together

In Conclusion

Getting young children excited about working up a sweat isn’t always an easy task. However, it is by no means impossible. If you can follow the tips and suggestions outlined in this article, you will be well on your way to helping your kids get enthusiastic about exercise. Before you know it, your kids will have fallen in love with working out and will be enjoying all of the benefits it brings.

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